church1 We are pleased to have you "visit" our church.  We would love to have you follow up by visiting us in person.  Our mission is to "introduce people to Jesus Christ, to help them become faithful followers of Him, and to equip them to share His love with others," and we'd be glad to help you in any part of that journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Feel free to browse around, contact us through the contact page, or call the church office for more information.  And, of course, you would be most welcome to join us on Sunday mornings in worship.  We have three services: traditional services are at 8:15 & 11 am, and there is a contemporary service in between at 9:30 am. Sunday School for all ages also occurs at 9:30 am.  For the most up to date information about events and activities, use the Facebook link at the bottom of the page.  You can also find a link to our Twitter page below as well.
Lenten Sermon Series

Recent Sermons

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April 16: At the Crossroads – Easter Sunday

As a child, one of my favorite stories was Rudyard Kipling’s Riki-Tiki-Tavi. It is the story of a mongoose in India that bravely protects a family by killing the poisonous snakes that crawl under their home. In one of the most dramatic parts of that story, Riki battles a huge King Cobra, and it almost…

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April 13: At the Crossroads

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that 5 of every 1,000 checked airline bags are lost. Since more than 2 million people fly each day that is 10,000 lost bags a day. In addition, airlines aren’t always helpful when they lose someone’s luggage. One man waited for luggage at an airport carousel for an hour….

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April 9: At the Crossroads

During the Pope’s stay in Philadelphia, he got “cabin fever.” Slipping into the hotel elevator, he hit the bottom button, thinking it would take him to the lobby. Instead, he found himself in the garage. That gave him an idea: he’d go for a ride. The Popemobile was too conspicuous, however, so he approached a…

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April 2: At the Crossroads

Kevin Queen is the pastor of the Hamilton Mill campus of 12Stone Church. On their website, there is a video in which Kevin tells of a night that he took his family to a Chipotle Restaurant. As they waited in line, a man approached Kevin and asked for money to buy a bus ticket. When…

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March 26: At the Crossroads

Each Spring, high school seniors finalize what they plan to do after graduation. For those going to college, this includes not only deciding what school to attend, but also what field of study they want to pursue. That latter process is referred to as “declaring a major.” The reason making such a declaration is needed…

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March 19: At the Crossroads

Two weeks ago, I shared that when our son Stephen was small we took him to the doctor for a checkup, but didn’t tell him the visit would include a vaccination. Since he did not like shots, he took that omission as an act of betrayal. Contrary to what he thought, however, our intent in…

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