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July 26, 2015

By the middle of the 1800’s, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. In every American city, plumes of chemicals raced toward the heavens from factories. By the middle of the 1900’s, the roads had become clogged with vehicles adding lead-laden smog to the air. And as we saw in the video, by the 1970’s…


July 19, 2015

One Sunday, a 3rd grade Sunday School teacher began a lesson on the Lord’s Prayer. Not too far into it, a boy said “I know that prayer.” “You do?” the teacher asked. “Yes,” he said, “I say it at bedtime.” “Would you say it now?” the teacher asked. “Sure,” he said, “Our Father, who does…


July 12, 2015

Three days before the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team played the Russians in an exhibition game. The Russians trounced the U.S. 10-3. When they met again just a few days later, the home town crowd desperately wanted to see their team win, but everyone expected another trouncing. As a result, when…


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